In the rush of the water. There was silence.

boldsessions                     (handwriting cred goes to Ruth Clark. She does tattoo design now. Seriously amazing.)   I've never been through a tragedy. I've never witnessed mass destruction or a horrible life changing event. But I can only imagine that after you are hurled through the emotional distress of the event, that for a long time you just process it. You may become very still for a while. Watching it unfold again and again. Standing still as the aftermath continuously changes around you and things and people shift and move and the energy changes. You start deciding if this is where you need to be. Want to be. What you do with it all.   For the last two months I have been in somewhat of a standstill. The energy I so badly needed to move forward, finally exploded in front of me and I have bared witness to the rush of forward movement in my life. Taking it all in. Allowing and receiving and moving with it all. Deeply humbled by love and acceptance and forgiveness.   You should write, I kept telling myself. You should write about this. This is some good shit you're going through.   But nothing came. So I allowed it to be at a standstill. While my world flew around before me, and I gently accepted the pieces falling where they may.   Deeply trusting that each piece would find its perfect place to lay. Allowing the tears to flow. The shortness of breath be calmed by the truth that I have always been taken care of. This time is no different. Breathe, girl.   It's like I released the ball I was so desperately hiding under the water. Stuffing and pushing and forcing that movement of energy was exhausting. I wasn't asking for what I needed. I wasn't demanding that my life be more than just an attempt of the normal day to day. I wasn't insisting that my life be filling. Thrilling. Exciting and juicy and rich and damn good.   I want it to be damn good.   So I asked. I told. I demanded. I said yes. And the energy surged forward. And in the rush of the water, there was silence.   Bold moves and bold decisions that led to the universe saying, yes. Yes girl.   Yes to the fullness. Yes to the breath. Yes to the manifesting and the light and the connection. The beauty and the forgiveness and the darkness of it all. Yes to you opening your heart to the parts of you that scare you. Shrink you down. Yes to all of you.   Bring all of you forward now. Let it rush forward and leap into the air and fly high above what you've known forever. Let it soar upward and catch the sun. Let it fall where it may.   Let your life change. Let it shift into something far greater than you've ever imagined. And let it be. Let it all be perfect as it is.   So I'm saying goodbye. To the parts of me I've known forever and now no longer need. To my everyday routines that have kept me safe for months on top of months. To the relationship that I thought would last. To the home I manifested and now know it no longer serves me. To the friends and clothes and music and energy I no longer connect to.   Now I extend a hand to you. A hand that says yes, to you too.   Yes to your breath and your life and your decisions and bold beautiful actions that will propel you forward into the beauty and richness and glory of you.   If it's time for you to make that bold decision, then let's do it together. We'll take action and move forward and you'll have the support you need to not do it by yourself. It can be a little scary by yourself. You don't need to go it alone.   I offer to you 30 days of email coaching in leading you through your bold beautiful choice. Click here for the full scope of what this would look like.   It's going to be awesome.        
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