So who are you, anyway?

sunrise2                   So what about those dreams of yours? What about those emotions that stay constipated within you and are trying to release themselves in some sort of way? What about those hunches and intuitive gut feelings that creep up and you stuff them down again and again? Who do you think you are to neglect the fact that you are some kind of infinite possibility? Stop pretending this life of yours doesn't matter as much as you thought at one point. Stop hiding from the fact that  you were put here to live the most expansive life you've ever dreamed about. It's not the universe holding you down, love. Break out of that routine that keeps you from touching the stars. I want you to stop looking at the others that have achieved what you can only think about, as more than who you are. What if you're time is right now, in this very instant? What if the inspiration you've been searching for is waiting patiently for you? But you're so concerned with not being good enough that even the sun and the moon can't catch your attention. Lift your head, girl, and feel the warmth that is your infinite possibility. You're made of God and light and love and yet you continue to deny your birthright. That you are here to change the world. Stop shrinking, love. Stop turning your head away from the vastness that is your life and your existence. Open to the possibility that you are incredible. Amazing. Deserving of magical, heart pounding love. I know it may seem distant. I know it's scary. But this is your truth. You are infinite love. And when you forget that, look to the sky and the earth that supports your very existence. Look to the people that hold you and support you. Look to the new souls that light your heart up when you've forgotten how it feels. So who are you, anyway? Who do you choose to be in this beautiful life you've been given? You can choose whatever you'd like. Really. There are no rules to this, and no one is judging or getting in your way but you. It's time now to take a deep breath and step forward. To be brave and honest and real and be all of the things you want to be. I want you to just be who you are. Beautiful, magical moments of infinite possibility. Be the one who isn't afraid to get the tattoo, shave her head, say fuck more times than necessary and put her heart out there for anyone to see. Be dirty and sexy and raw. Trust your gut and that voice that speaks to you in the quiet moments of the morning. The one voice you hear above all the others that feels like love and magic and sunshine. You are here for a million reasons. You are here to live a life that is more than simply breathing. Reach out for it. Scream for it. Don't ever forget the love that flows to you from all the universe. Go, now. Step into your possibility.        
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