Massage in Pflugerville     Whole-hearted. When is the last time you had a health care practitioner that brought you their entire being, was fully present, for your concerns and efforts as you make strides in your health? Be it as simple as finding relaxation with massage therapy or as transformative as bringing a child into your world. As your assistant, confidant and coach, I welcome you to explore how vibrant life can be. How comfortable you can be with exploring the possibilities of living without pain, working through the emotions of healing and becoming your better self. I have found peace within myself by helping others achieve these goals. I live to help you. My success stories span relief in many expanding arenas including:
  • allergies
  • whiplash
  • fibromyalgia
  • carpal tunnel
  • migraines
  • feminine concerns
  • low back pain
I support your healing with intention and gratitude. Take my hand and let me guide you to a life less encumbered. Let me work with you…let me work for you. Let us grow together in this life’s journey. For Lacreshia’s services…click here!
  Birth Doula in Austin       Whether you a have envisioned an empowering and transforming water birth experience, or if you have chosen to rely on medical supervision, our Doula Services may be just the fit for you.  The statistics are quite impressive for a number of reasons, with birth satisfaction being #1! Here are some of the reasons why you may choose to have a doula present for your birth:
  • Shorter Labor Times
  • Reduction in use of pain medication
  • Reduced induction rates
  • Reduced cesarean rates
  • Less anxious or depressed postpartum
  • Increased breastfeeding success

  trial       One of the ways we begin to live a life filled with joy and purpose is to begin to seek out the person we truly want to be. Through life and spiritual coaching, let me guide you through this process to begin the journey of finding your passion, loving yourself deeply, or simply shifting your perspective so you can decide where this life will take you. You get to begin to show up as you. Beautifully. My passion is guiding women to feel whole and inspirational in their own lives. I can help you get there. To work with Jessica, click here.
    trial       We offer different monthly workshops and ecourses that focus on your spiritual, physical and emotional well being. They will vary from month to month, so its always good to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to date with what our latest and greatest classes are. These classes are designed so that you can continue to stretch your awareness, your energy and your connection to yourself through dynamic and supportive outlets. For our latest program, click here!
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