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What I bring to the table as your doula:
  • As your Doula, I understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor. I agree to assist your family in preparing for the birth and stay by the side of the mother/family throughout the entire labor to provide emotional support, physical comfort and communication with healthcare providers in order to allow the woman’s partner to participate more fully. I am here to be your "tour guide for birth", but to also create an empathic relationship so that I can better serve you in your birth experience.
  • I assist families with all births. Whether you choose an all-natural approach, pain intervention or schedule your cesarean. Home birth. Hospital. Birthing Center. I do not discriminate or judge. I maintain a calming presence and help you to achieve the best birth for you.  I feel that every birth is a beautiful one.
  • I will employ only natural techniques to soothe pain, calm the mind and to put the family at ease during labor; these techniques may involve massage, homeopathics and/or aromatherapy or simply honoring your space to receive the birth experience you desire.
  • I write a birth story from my perspective, so that you can have a lifelong treasure to share with your children.
  • After selecting me as your doula, we will have 1-2 prenatal meetings to discuss your birth plan, process fears and/or a visit with your service provider. I also include one postpartum visit to process your birth and to answer any questions in the early weeks home with baby. This is also a great time to learn how to breastfeed with success, wear your baby, use your pump, swaddle, etc.
  • You are welcome to schedule additional services, such as childbirth education or massage, at a discounted rate.
  • Unlimited emails, texts and phone calls for support and assistance regarding labor, delivery and postpartum concerns as well as newborn inquiries.
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Payment plans available.
Do not let money stop you from getting the support you deserve!  Gift cards available for shower gifts...and, I accept FSA/HSA cards.

Birth Doula/Birth Support: $1250 (Substantial discount for repeat clients)
I work with your care providers, facility and family to empower your birth experience and help you achieve the healthiest and happiest birth experience possible. I am there to support you and offer pain relief positions or natural remedies. I guide you through your journey, acknowledge your feelings, listen to your doubts and help you to gain a better understanding as you learn to trust yourself, your body and your baby. I am there to assist in any way necessary to support you and your family in this beautiful transition into parenthood.
Birth & Newborn Education: $350 ($250 for Doula clients)
Sign up as a new parent seeking support and information or complete your Doula Package with some birth education. We will discuss the birth experience from Conception to Newborn. My goal is to have you enter this milestone with confidence to listen to your intuition, speak your truth and be a witness to an empowering birth experience. (And also, to feel like you know what you are doing when you get home with a teeny-tiny version of yourself!) We will go over ways to manage pain (emotional or physical), how fathers can be a profound part of the experience, working through your fears, postpartum transitions & newborn care. We will also discuss where to birth and where to find support in our community. We schedule these in the privacy of your home and at your convenience.  
 Birth/Postpartum Consultations: $199
You may not want a birth doula but do desire some guidance to achieve the best outcome and transition into parenthood. Scheduling a time to plan where to deliver/what practice to utilize, create a birth plan, outline your day of birth as well as looking into how to orchestrate postpartum support/visitors can help to alleviate the burdens of birth so that you can focus on your little ones arrival.  While this does not include day of birth support, it can help you be the most prepared for that day and beyond.  Eliminate the stress and revel in the joys.  
Want more information about pain management for labor or how a doula can help you?
Lacreshia was recently interviewed for The Stir and a local program on  KXAN. She was also featured as a top doula in Austin on the Austin Mom's Blog! Click on the links for the full stories.
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