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While searching for someone to attend to one of the more intimate initiations of your life, many parents are asking me for birth doula references. Any of the parents below have offered to speak with you directly...but, here are some recommendations that I have received.

Lacreshia with her daughter

I consider my families to be friends far beyond their birth years. I continue to cherish them in my life and look forward to watching their families grow. I would love to add you to my ever-expanding web of life.  


She is heaven sent! We, my husband and I, interviewed 27 Doula/Doula Apprentices. Of those it was narrowed down to two women. The deciding factor was Lacreshia's massage abilities. During the entire process she kept in touch, came to one of our centering classes, and met some of the Midwives at the South location. She was more than just a Doula by the time our daughter was born.

The pregnancy massage she gave me two weeks before I went into labor really helped my body relax and get ready for the next big step it was going to take.

The morning I went into labor we called her up at 6am and let her know what was going on. Despite the fact that she lived north and we lived in Kyle she jumped in her car and was at my home within 30 minutes. She quickly assessed me and then she checked on my husband. As it turned out I was having rapid labor... The entire time we called to check in with the midwives, but rapid labor is not very common and it's hard for them to identify over the phone. Ravi and I were not quite sure how quickly things were going until Lacreshia pointed it out and said "it's time to go". We got the clear from Meg at the center and headed out.

Ravi drove while Lacreshia talked me through the contractions whilst keeping him calm by reassuring him that I was ok and the process was normal. Once we arrived at the center I didn't want her or my husband to leave my side... That being said she left her aromatherapy in my car helping me to the room so, due to my own stubbornness I went without that, however she never left Ravi or my side. I labored for a while in the shower with her massaging my back while she instructed Ravi to hold warm water on my back. She proceeded to do counter pressure during my contractions. I can honestly say that I don't think I could have handled it without the counter pressure. From the shower to the tub and then my final delivery place in the bed she helped make sure Ravi and I were both hydrated, as relaxed as possible, and that we never felt alone.

I think the fact that she delivered at the North birthing center with both of her kids, that she was a massage therapist, and her vivacious personality wrapped into one really was what made her such an asset to our birthing process. This is all just delivery day.... The other things she includes with her services before and after the baby is born is just the cherry on top.

She started out my Doula and now she is my friend. I could have never had the perfect birth without her and I will be using her again for any future children we may have.  I highly recommend her.


I can say, without exaggeration, that Lacreshia was a life saver during my labor. I had planned on a natural delivery using hypnobirthing techniques however, things did not go as planned and I ended up in an emergency c-section. Things were so chaotic, I was in a lot of pain, and my husband didn't know what to do with himself. Lacreshia was such a calming presence. She got me through all of my contractions and when it came time to go to the operating room, she kept reassuring me and my husband that everything would be fine and that we were doing the right thing. After things had calmed down, my husband said he didn't know what he would have done without her. I was obviously preoccupied with everything going on in the labor and didn't realize how stressed my husband was, and how much she managed to take care of me as well as comfort him at the same time. Since the birth, she has helped me with everything from questions about vaccinations to coming over to help me on a moments notice with breast feeding when I was on the verge of giving up. She's been available by phone and email every time I've needed her since I was 37 weeks. I chose to use one of my massages the week before the birth and will use the second one once my c section scar is fully healed. She helped relieve the horrible swelling in my feet and it was honestly the best massage I've ever had. Typically I tense up during massages and don't relax, but she had me melting! We love her so much. Just last week she came over and loved on our baby so that I could take my sweet dog for a walk and take a shower, which meant a lot considering I had been stuck indoors for three weeks and showering is pretty life changing when you feel like you're covered in poop and breast milk all the time! She was worth every penny and I am recommending her to all of my friends who are having babies.


We hired Lacreshia as our doula and she was amazing!  She is incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, comforting and kind. I searched the Internet and spoke to a few different doulas prior to choosing Lacreshia. She was at the hospital within minutes of our arrival (my labor came on quickly and we pretty much went straight there), she was there through out the entire 18 hours that I labored (with about 5 hours of pushing). She had kind words and a comforting touch to help me throughout my labor and delivery. My OBGYN doctor was absolutely awful during my delivery, and if it weren't for Lacreshia I would have had a c section. At one point my OBGYN's critical words had me crying. Lacreshia was able to calm me and give me strength when I needed it most. My delivery was tough: my baby was 9 pounds 14 ounces, she was not dropping fast enough for my doctor and my doctor all of a sudden turned like Jekyll and Hyde into a nasty critical condescending person when I had questions after she began pushing towards a c section. If it weren't for Lacreshia, I would not have been able to continue. She helped me keep my sanity and stay focused when I needed her most. She held my hand, massaged me and told me I could do this. She helped me focus and breathe. She's great! I also had a relaxing prenatal massage from Lacreshia and we (husband and I) took her birth class. Her birth class is both informative and comprehensive. Her class is much better than the hospitals - we had taken the hospitals class first. My advice is if you are looking for a doula, prenatal masseuse and/or birth classes, look no further.  You have found it all right here with Lacreshia!