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  boldsessions                       (handwriting cred goes to Ruth Clark. See her designs here.)   I ended the relationship that was great on paper. I told them what I needed. I stood for what my life must be like. I begged to live a life that was more than just simply breathing. I surrendered to the unknown and the greatness that had to exist on the other side of living a life that no longer filled me. I reached deep into the void and decided that I was worthy of living free. Radically and beautifully free.   I decided that I was ready to be bold.   What would happen if you had the boldness to change? To make the decision. To say yes to the voice. To the moments that speak to you. What if you said, YES?   I see bold as standing up for yes. Breathing into vulnerability. Howling at the moon and walking barefoot into the unknown. Dancing with the void.   Loving the unknowing of it all.   It's time for you to be bold. For you to say yes to the dream. To the decision. To the movement. To the dance. To wearing red lipstick. Quitting the job. Picking up the hobby. Dancing naked in the bedroom.   Perhaps the support system you need is not present to carry you and lift you in the decision and actions to move forward into the boldness. The bold and the raw and the glory that is you.   It is in those moments that whisper, 'yes'. The moments that scream at you. That voice that shelters and protects when you know you want to just tear out of your normal. Your mundane. Your ordinary and static.   ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I created The Bold Sessions because I knew I was not the only woman who screamed on the inside to live. I designed it to be private, one on one email coaching that stirs you. Inspires you. Draws you forward into a life that is lived boldly. Perhaps it's the support you need to move forward with a decision. Or it's an action that begs to take flight in your life but you don't know where to begin. Or maybe you just need to push the energy forward. You need to push your life to the next level.   We'll do this together.   When you take the first step and unleash the energy that has been held back, you see miracles occur. Doors open. You begin living your life in a way that moves you. Inspires you. Inspires others. You are free to live the way you choose. Not the way you've been told, or led to believe.   We will work together through unlimited support via email. During our month together you will begin to unravel the bold in you. You will become confident in your actions and movement to the decision or change you want to see in your life. I am there to lead you through it.  You can begin it now.   Welcome to the possibilities that exist right now.  It's time for you to step forward.   You're worth it.   The Details::  
  • 30 days of unlimited email coaching that supports and leads you through decisions and actions in living your life boldly. Within the 30 days you have complete access to my support via email, and through these conversations, I will guide you to take actionable steps towards your bold idea or decision. Together we will work through fears and obstacles that keep you from moving forward.
  • $100/30 days of unlimited email coaching
  • If you would like to include one 60 minute phone call within our 30 days, you are more than welcome to do that as well. There can be times where conversation can lead to more direct action and support, and live interaction can definitely help move the energy forward.
  • $150/30 days unlimited email coaching + 60 minute coaching call
    **Payments plans are available!! This program is designed so that anyone would be able to participate and if you feel the urge to begin, we can work something out when it comes to payments. Just use the contact link below to ask any further questions.   Sign Up::  Find me at: contact@the-living-well.com         me Jessica is an Empowerment Coach for women at The Living Well. You can find out more about her here.