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Life Coach, The Living Well
There is this balance of searching and finding and letting go and remembering to breathe and everything else that gets in the way of us actually putting worth on who we really are.
You, beautiful soul, are far more than what you give yourself credit for. And I can say that because I have been on that path of lost, lonely, and almost given up. I was close to a shell of a woman, and I was asking for deep guidance on who I really am.
There are plenty of fabulous and incredible books that will show you the path of which to start. There are movies that stir something inside of you. There are those moments that light you up inside, and you think, "yes, I think that's it..." but you don't begin. Not because you are lazy or some other word that I refuse to let you tell yourself again-but because there isn't the support system with you to guide you and stand in your light until you can get there too.   There is a difference in walking a path alone and then having another meet you where you are, and then walk with you on this journey. For them to see for you the vision that you hold so close in your heart, and perhaps have never let another witness. You are here because you are fed up. You know deep inside there is a calling. A vision. A connection waiting to be made. Your purpose is there. I promise you it's closer than you think.   You know this but maybe you don't know how to begin. Who to speak to. The resources and the tools are not within your grasp now, but they could be. Could you imagine feeling joy-deep joy- all the time?  Or beginning a project or a new passion with the confidence and respect for yourself that you know you could do it, and do it well?  

Well you can, lovely. You are so ready.

Jessica's insight to what direction I need to go in; it's like she is in my head. She is working through my maze of junk.  You know the saying "can't see the forest for the trees"....well Jessica helps me see the forest at just the right times when I get stuck staring at one tree and can't seem to get around it.  We talk, we reflect, we hash things out. It's like talking with your best friend.  I wouldn't be as far along in my recovery without having added this piece to the mix.

Knowing Jess is by my side makes the journey that much easier.  In brief, working with Jessica has been exactly what I needed. -Monica Escobedo
  I coach because my passion is to guide women that have perhaps forgotten who they are, and bring them to a greater awareness. I want to show you that your life is already full and beautiful, and you have the immense power to shape your world into something that is pretty darn awesome.
  You are here because you are ready. Ready to put that light back on yourself and step fully into it. Ready to stop playing so small (because it doesn't serve anyone, btw). Ready to LIVE the way this life is intended.




543568_10151422299223604_833319745_nJessica is amazing. Her techniques of opening me up to learn and discover things about myself was pure enlightenment. I became more grateful for all the little things in life we often forget. I am forever grateful to her and hope to continue to stay in touch and take more workshops with The Living Well.

-Jill French Anderson

  meMy name is Jessica, and no my life isn't about rainbows and unicorns. It is, however, about passion and joy and deep connection with not just others, but myself. (It would be cool though, to have a unicorn.) I laugh really loud. I can't wait to start this journey with you. Because it's so much better to have a partner through all of it.
I didn't always have this life of which I am really stinkin proud of. I made it this way. On purpose. And yes you can do the same thing. It's a practice and a meditation and you are so very capable of doing the same thing. My job is to stand in your light and guide you as you begin to see and feel the same power I see in you. This life has so much for you. This is life is meant to be joyful. When we work together, you will discover the ways to see the abundance already surrounding you. You will find peace in your 'everyday' and you will begin the process of living a life that gives you purpose before your feet even hit the ground in the morning.

  Here is what you can expect from our time together::
  • a deeper sense of connection/awareness to yourself and what you bring to this life everyday
  • thought patterns and "the tape" of our mind transforming into thoughts and actions that lift you, support you, and make you feel really good
  • your fears start to lessen, and they are replaced by practices that keep you from falling back into the same patterns
  • deeper confidence in yourself, your decisions and your actions
  • self worth, value and appreciation for who you are, and what you do everyday
  • love for yourself, love for your words, your ideas, your thoughts
  • joy for the everyday (even when you're doing laundry for the 5th time this week)
  • connection and love for others, your family, your partner
  • a clear vision of your purpose in this life
  • resources for you to continue to build your vision, your confidence and your awareness
  • deeper connection to God, the Universe, Spirit
  • to be seen as who you truly are, shed of the roles and responsibilities
  • learn to manifest what you deeply want and desire in this life (yes, like whatever you want...I'll show you how)

Here are the different ways we can connect:

  90 Minute "Give it to me straight" Session
  • 90 minutes over the phone for you to allow me to, well, give it to you straight
  • Bring your thoughts, questions, and ideas to me and we can power hour (and a half) to get you what you are looking for and needing
  • We can talk ideas to start on, which direction to begin, books to guide you, resources that will help you continue your journey, etc.
  • We will chat over email first so I will get a better idea of you (and all your awesomeness) and dig a little deeper into what this time should be about
  • We will continue to connect over email for the next 60 days so we can both follow up and stay connected
  • $150 for 90 minute session/email follow up
  Will I love it? - If you are ready to just get clarification on a few things and don't want to dive head first into changing thought patterns and habits, this is for you, love. Maybe you are already on a great path or if you are needing someone to point you in the right direction for a topic or issue, or perhaps just need a sounding board..well then I'm your girl.   Let's go a little deeper- This is not a session that will get you started on deep transformational stuff. If you are wanting to deeply connect and share and get started on truly standing in your light...then connect with me in one of my other sessions. Yes, Let's begin  3 Month "Let's Do This" Coaching Session:
  • 30 minute calls each week for 12 weeks
  • Vision plan for our journey together and beyond
  • Weekly implementation of practices and exercises to support you in your vision
  • Unlimited email access for support
  • $300 a month for 3 months
  Will I love it? Let's do this means you are ready to step into it. You are ready to change rapidly your thought patterns and actions that no longer serve you in a short amount of time. This is an intense partnership where we work weekly on shedding what you no longer need and bringing in the energy and actions that will transform you in ways that may surprise you. This is about you and I working closely together and developing a connection of truth, love and humor. We have to have humor. I bring my intuition to your story and your truth, and I hold a space for you while you journey on getting into that truth and that light. I will give you exercises and practices weekly as I guide you through your story. This is your moment to shine, baby. I know you can do it.   Let's go deeper- If a short amount of time scares the pants off of you-then this session may not be the best thing for you, beautiful. This is meant to be intense in both a loving and supported way. There should be no fear of going quickly-this is for those of us that want to get straight to the point. Every week we will focus on a new practice and exercise that will help you get to where you want to go and be much quicker. If you are wanting to take things a little slower and have time to practice, then let's move on to our next session below. Yes, Let's begin   6 month "Leap Fearlessly" Coaching Session:
  • (2) 60 minute calls a month for 6 months
  • Full vision plan for our time together and beyond
  • Weekly and monthly practices and exercises along with our phone calls to build healthy and loving new practices into your life
  • Full focus on self love practices
  • Vision/Manifesting workshop
  • Unlimited email support
  • $200 a month for 6 months
  Will I love it?   I know you have a lot to work through. I know the last time you spoke about your dreams and invested in yourself was a very long time ago. Maybe there is a lot to let go of. Perhaps time is best when it comes to working through what we need to, and stepping fully into our new selves and our light. This is the session that may feel right if you want to take things a little more slowly, and have the time and the space to do these things together. This time together is also about deep connection, truth and love. And yes, also humor. It is also a space where you can trust to shed the roles and the titles and just be. Yourself. Fully.     Let's go deeper-   I want your time to be of deep value. I honor that and know that speaking weekly isn't in the cards for your schedule right now, and you need a little more time. This program is totally the right thing for you. This program is meant to be at a slower pace, for us to connect in a way that may feel more comfortable for you, and you can have the time to sink in fully to the practices and exercises I give you. Some might be very new, and some may be familiar. But if you want that time to be more digestible, then this is for you. Yes, let's begin  
Let’s find out if we connect!